Trainees are advised to inform themselves of the timing of all curricular modules in their academic year and must remember that they are responsible for meeting the various assessment and progression requirements throughout the training programme. The Faculty is committed to the promotion of an environment for work which upholds the dignity and respect of staff and which supports every individual’s right to work in an environment which is free of any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying.    Details of lectures can be found on MedHub.

Lectures Schedules/Tutorials/Rotations

Part I Lecture Schedule 2020.2021

Part II 2nd Year Lecture Schedule 2020.2021

Part II 3rd Year Lecture Schedule 2020.2021

Notice re AIRP Courses

FRCR Part 1 Lectures - Radiation Oncology

Final FFR Part 2 Lectures - Radiation Oncology

Trainee Rotations



Out of Programme Experience - Request Forms for Pre-Approval & Post-Approval

Diagnostic Radiology Leave Entitlements March 2017

Radiation Oncology Leave Entitlements Document 2020

Career Breaks for NCHDs


Progression Criteria

SpR Progression Criteria – Diagnostic Radiology May 2020

SpR Progression Criteria – Radiation Oncology 2018

Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST)

This is available to Specialist Registrars upon completion of five accredited years of training, obtaining Fellowship of Faculty of Radiologists and completion of mandatory modules as required by the Faculty.  It will only be available once all these requirements have been met.  We will not be able to provide CSCST earlier than this.

Procedure to obtain CCST

  • If all five years of training have been fully accredited with the Faculty of Radiologists we will automatically provide you with CSCST. Please ensure that we have the correct postal address on file.
  • If four years of training were carried out with the Faculty, and the fifth year is to be undertaken abroad, please note that you must be granted prior approval by the Fellowship Advisory Committee for the Fellowship year before completion of fourth year.  Out of Programme Experience Form A must be completed and submitted in this regard.  Following completion of your Fellowship abroad, an Out of Programme Experience Form B must be completed and submitted with a supervisors end of fellowship report, a copy of the curriculum and an updated cv.
  • Maximum of one year out of programme experience is recognised for HST(Curriculum to be approved by the Faculty)


Health & Wellbeing 

Contacts for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Medical Council Wellbeing

Medical Council Wellbeing Guide

Medical Council Wellbeing Video

Medical Council Wellbeing Tips Video


Policies & Guidelines

SpR in Difficulty Guidelines 2016

Dr in Difficulty Green Form 2016

Dr in Difficulty Yellow Form 2016

Supporting NCHD access to Protected Training Time – 11th July 14

Recording Protected Training Time – 11th July 14

SpR Transfer Policy

Faculty Equality and Diversity Policy

RCSI Dignity at work policy

HSE Dignity at work policy

Faculty Dispute Resolution Policy

Guide to Post-CSCST Fellowships

Online Resources


Training Resources

Flexible Training Guide 2022

Flexible Training Application Form 2022

Guide to Radiology Logbook for SpRs

Medhub Mobile Guide to Logbooks for SpRs

Aspire 2021 Guidance Document

Spark Innovation Programme

Docs as parents network Ireland (Facebook Group)

Alumni Database for Trainees


Faculty of Radiologists - Travel Bursary & Publication Award

1: Faculty of Radiologists Travel Bursary

It has been proposed by the Dean and Scientific Committee that a limited number of bursaries of up to €500 can be made available for Radiology and Radiation Oncology SpRs presenting research or audit at international meetings. This can include oral presentation of posters.  Presentations relevant to Radiology/Radiation Oncology quality improvement will also be considered.

There will be a maximum of 10 bursaries available each year to reimburse trainees for travel, accommodation and registration for any meeting attended during the calendar year 2020. These claims can be made retrospectively. If there are more than 10 applications, the distribution of the awards will be decided by the Scientific Committee based on the merit of the topic. Applications may be made up to 29th January 2021. Applicants must be able to supply receipts for the expenses which are to be reimbursed.

2: Faculty of Radiologists Publication Award

It has been proposed by the Dean and Scientific Committee that an award of up to €1000 will made to Radiology and Radiation Oncology SpRs who have published papers in a peer-reviewed journal as first author. Publications relevant to radiology quality improvement will also be considered. There will be a maximum of five awards available each year for any article published during the calendar year 2020. The distribution of the awards will be decided by the Scientific Committee based on the merit of the paper. Applicants may also apply for the Travel Bursary within the same calendar year if presentation and publication have occurred within 12 months.

Applications may be made up to 29th January 2021. Applicants must be on the current training scheme or, for publications, undertaken the research while part of the scheme (this may require signing off by the supervising consultant).

Travel Bursary & Publication Award Application Forms 2020


Training Support Scheme (TSS)

Additional Training Support Funding has been made available to NCHDs from July 2019 onwards. This scheme is in addition to existing financial supports such as the Clinical Course and Exam Refund Scheme and the Higher Specialist Training Fund. Funding is allocated based on Grade and the table below indicates the amount available under the TSS for each registration training year, July – July. Funding is available pro-rata for doctors employed on shorter contract durations.

Grade Amount per Registration Year
Intern €750
SHOs and Registrars €1250
SPRs/GP Registrars/Psychiatry SRs on a training scheme €2000

A list of approved clinical courses, conferences and examinations that can be claimed for under the TSS are listed here.

 Please see the NCHD Training Supports Scheme (TSS) Guidance Document for Employers & NCHDs here.

Further information on how to submit claims for refunds under this Scheme will be communicated to NCHDs over the coming weeks. An Information Sheet / User Guide will also be made available on this page. In the meantime, please see link to flyer which contains additional details regarding the Training Supports Funding Scheme

Clinical Course & Examination Refund Scheme for NCHDs

This scheme is open to all NCHDs. There is an approved list of clinical courses & examinations qualifying for this refund scheme contained in the guidance document. A maximum contribution of €450 is payable to NCHDs for each course or exam on this list. An application form must be completed to apply for this refund.

Clinical Course Exam Refund Policy Document


Specialist Training Fund for Higher Specialist Trainees

Please note that claims are now managed directly by the Faculty of Radiologists For further information about the specialist training fund for higher specialist trainees please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the National Doctors Training & Planning Unit Hub at

Specialist Training Fund Guidance Document 2021-22

Specialist Training Fund Application Form 2021-22

Specialist Funding Bank Account Details Form

Previous Years

Specialist Training Fund Guidance Document 2020-21

Specialist Training Fund Application Form 2020-21

Specialist Funding Guidance Document 2019-20.pdf

Higher Specialist Training Fund Application Form 2019-20


Dr Richard Steevens’ Scholarship – Call for Applications now CLOSED

The HSE is now inviting applications for the Dr. Richard Steevens’ Scholarship for positions commencing in July 2021. Applications from all specialty areas will be considered.

Additionally, the HSE will look favourably upon areas which have not been funded previously (details of previous awards are attached). 

Applications should focus on the acquisition of particular identified training for which opportunities are limited or unavailable in Ireland, which are relevant to the Irish health service and which will benefit future patient care in Ireland. 

The HSE envisages that up to four Scholarships will be awarded.  In cases where the successful applicants have some financial support from their host institution or other source, this will be offset against the scholarship, in which case it may be possible to award additional bursaries under the programme. 

The details of which are available in the “Applicant’s Guide”. Please see the “Applicant’s Guide” for more information, available from Training Bodies.

Applications must be received by the Training Body by November 2nd, 2020.

Richard Stevens Applicant Guide - 2021

 Richard Stevens Application - 2021

Previous Awards Dr. Richard Steevens’ Scholarship







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SpR Information

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