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This course has been elaborated by the ESR Research Committee at the suggestion of the Committee's Subspecialty Society Delegates and will consist of five 1-hour, online sessions with luminaries in the field of radiological research, held monthly between October 2021 and February 2022. In March 2022, there will also be an additional face-to-face Open Forum session at ECR 2022, to which those who attend more than 4 of the 5 online sessions shall be specially invited.

The course will cover the following questions: Why do research? How to design research and how to execute research? How to present research in talks and publications? As such, the Fundamentals Course is aimed at any ESR member interested in undertaking research, but with a particular focus on those early in their careers to initiate interest and foster careers in radiological research.

In order to maximize the impact of this exciting course, participation will be free for ESR members and the schedule has been planned to facilitate attendance beyond Europe to reflect the global outreach of ESR, e.g. in Latin America and Asia, and further foster ESR's role as facilitator of research activities.

The course will be broadcast on the ESR Connect platform and participants my register for the various sessions in the course on the ESR Connect website:

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