The Faculty of Radiologists, RCSI invites applications from Radiation Oncologists on the Specialist Register of the Medical Council of Ireland for the position of Radiation Oncology National Training Programme Coordinator (Rad Onc NTPC).

The Radiation Oncology Postgraduate Higher Specialist Training programme is organized into 5 accredited years of Training. There are currently 19 accredited Radiation Oncology Specialist Registrar  positions in place in 3 Accredited Training Departments; Cork University Hospital, Galway University Hospital, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON, Dublin).  The key roles of the Rad Onc NTPC are:

  1. To supervise, organize and coordinate the delivery of the existing Training Programme lecture schedule and modules, in collaboration with the primary and final FFRCSI examinations education,lecture Co-ordinators and local hospital training co-ordinators.
  2. To coordinate the annual shortlisting and interview process for the Higher Specialist Training Programmes in conjunction with the Dean, Officers and Executive Officers.
  3. To attend the scheduled Radiation Oncology Committee meetings, shortlisting, interview and asssessment days, the ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Doctor in Difficulty’ meetings and to meet & liaise with the Dean and others as required for efficient management of affairs.
  4. To liaise with the Dean and the Chair, Fellowship Advisory Committee and Educational Co-ordinators about SpRs in difficulty within the programme.
  5. The post-holder may wish to be the Faculty representative at some committees pertaining to training and career planning and to interface with other bodies such as HSE, NDTP,NCCP and Medical Council on relevant matters. This option is available but not mandatory.

All of these have established formats and calendars are open for review by the Rad Onc NTPC.

The successful applicant will report to the Dean and Board of the Faculty and will work within a strongly supportive established infrastructure including administrative and clerical support, a network of three Hospital Educational Coordinators, Education and Fellowship Advisory Committees, Chief Examiners for Part II examinations, Part I and Part II lectures coordinators, the Radiation Oncology Committee chair and an Educational infrastructure subcommittee to maintain existing standards and further develop assessment and training within the programme.  The size and organization of the programme delivery team is also open to review. 

 This post is an exciting opportunity for those at any stage of their Consultant Radiation Oncology career who have an interest in post graduate education and management. It is a national, increasingly dynamic leadership role, both influencing and responding to the modern healthcare environment.  There is opportunity for research on education and training and the successful candidate will enjoy the support of the Faculty, hospital local coordinators and trainee representatives in this regard.  The post-holder also has use of the newly refurbished RCSI office facilities, audio-visual support and presentation facilities. This is initially a 2-year post, the Rad Onc NTPC will be eligible for one 2 year maximum re-appointment depending on performance and mutual agreement. 

For further information, please email Pierre Thirion This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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