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Barry Hutchinson

Barry Hutchinson


I completed my SpR training in Galway, followed by fellowships in NYU and Philadelphia and have been a Radiologist in the Mater since returning home 4 years ago. Over that time, I have had multiple roles with the Faculty of Radiologists, including the National Training Coordinator, Local Training Coordinator for the Mater training programme as well as part 1 examiner.

I’m passionate about training and I would like to contribute to the Faculty’s efforts in enhancing Radiology services at the hospital level. I feel I’ve gained a deep understanding of the Faculty‘s operations and commitments over the past few years and think I could be a valuable member of the team.





Colin Cantwell

Achieved FFR(RCSI) in 2004. 

Completed fellowships in Abdominal and Interventional Radiology in 2005-2008

Consultant radiologist performing interventional radiology and general radiology in St. Vincent’s University Hospital for the last 15 years.

I have been active in radiology management, education, research and audit since my return to Ireland in 2008 and I am the current Education Development Officer in the Faculty. 

I served as the President of the Irish Society of Interventional Radiologists 2019-2022. I wrote the Model of Care for Interventional Radiology and the application for specialty recognition of Interventional Radiology by the Medical Council. I am active in the development of an Interventional Radiology fellowship programme for Ireland. 

 I have previously served a term on the Board of the Faculty of Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists and now seek a second term if you will please support me!


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