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Recruitment Applications Instructions - Ranking



1. Setup Hospital Coordinators

Hospital Coordinators are added in the User section and must be assigned to the Hospital Manager Group

2. Add Hospitals & Assign Coordinators

In the Online Application System section - Components / Online Application System - go to Hospitals. 
A number of hospitals have been added. 

Screen Shot 2021 11 18 at 10.28.54


Assign a Coordinator

Click on the name for details. If you wish to add another hospital click on the New+ button on the top left and add the details.

Select a coordinator from the list and click Save

Screen Shot 2021 11 18 at 10.35.49




1. Administrator Instructions
2. Assessor Instructions



Access to the Online Application System section is via Admin - Components / Online Application System


From the menu on the left select Programme Types.
You can setup Categories here and then assign Application Forms (Programmes) to a category. This is not essential but may be useful in the future.


From the menu on the left select Programmes.

Your application forms will be listed here. Click on a form for more details.

Configuration - Key settings

 Finance Code Select Radiology for Finance Code 10RAD014
Select Radiation Oncology for Finance Code 10RAD015

 Assign Assessors  Select one or more Assessors to a programme.
 Submission start/end dates  Select dates for when the form is available


From the menu on the left select Applications.


This page will list all applications, submitted or in progress.
The table includes the applicant name, programme applied for, date submitted/saved, status.

1. Click on Search Tools to display filters. Filter by Status, Programme, Dates

2. Only submitted applications can be viewed or edited. See ID 24 in the screenshot above. You can see this user name is a linked and there are three icons beside it.

  • View - view the full application on one popup page
  • Edit - view an editable version of the application form as it appears to the user. Submit changes at the end of the form.
  • Download - click to download a PDF version of the application.
    PDF version will include a. file attachment, b. Asssessors score sheet (if completed). Both of these will be at the end of the PDF.

3. You can change the status of a submitted form in two ways

  • Tick the box beside the name and click on one of the options at the top of the page - Mark Reviesd, Mark Successful, Mark Shortlisted, Mark Rejected
  • Click on the Applicant name. A new Details page will load. Change the status and Save.

Note: Changing the Status to Revised will allow the Applicant to edit their application

4. Export - Select applications (Submitted only) to be included in the export and click on the Export button (#4). You will be prompted to save or open the CSV file.

5. Notifications - this option allows you to email a candidate. Select a name and click the Notification button (#5). A popup page will appear. You can select a template from the dropdown list and modify to suit your requirements or create an email from scratch. Slick Send Notification to complete.


This page list candidates registered for a Programme. Details include - Name, Email and Registered date.



This section allows you to view, edita and create email templates. 
Emails are sent automtically to candidates following certain actions, eg form submission, status change.
Click on a form name to edit.


This section contains a record of all email notifications sent by the system - automatic & manual (See #3 APPLICATIONS above). Click on the icon on the left to view contents of the emails.

Add and edit Hospital details. These will be used for Ranking purposes.


 Edit the Application Procedure and Entry Requirement tabs content.



 Assessors will login to the system via the front-end -
(Note: Assessors will have to be setup in Admin and assigned to a Programme in order to login as an Assessor))


This is the Assessor dashboard. They will only have access to assigned programmes. All submitted applications for this programme will be displayed.


#1 & 2 - Use the filters to find an application.

#3. Click on an icon to view or download a PDF.

#4. Click on this link to score a candidate


#1. Select a Programme

#2. Select a User

A scoring form will be displayed for the selected user with the candidate scores displayed.
The Assessor can enter their scores and click Update at the bottom of the page.
Only one score per application. The scores can be edited at any time.

When the scores are saved they will appear in the Assessor and Admin PDFs.




Radiology application form guidelines


Commencement Date:                                 3rd October 2023

Title of Post:                                                  Specialist Registrar (SpR) in Radiology 

Duration of Programme:                              Five Years (subject to satisfactory continuous assessments)  


Approved Hospitals:  


  • Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 
  • St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin 
  • St. James Hospital, Dublin 
  • Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin 
  • Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin 
  • Galway University Hospital 
  • Cork University Hospital, Cork 
  • Mercy University Hospital, Cork 
  • Waterford University Hospital 
  • University Hospital Limerick 

Additional hospitals throughout Ireland may be accredited during the course of your training. Successful candidates may be required to rotate between training hospitals.  

Entry Requirements:  

  • For Radiology, all applicants must have, as a minimum, at least 2 years clinical experience.   
    • One year as an intern and 1 year as an SHO is the minimum acceptable pre-Radiology training.  
  • All candidates must be registered or eligible for registration with the Irish Medical Council (  
  • Candidates must meet the English Language requirements as detailed on our website beforeapplying for the training scheme (insert link)   
  • Salary:  In accordance with approved Department of Health scales (  
  • Application Conditions & Procedures:  A complete application consists of the following: 1 passport photo, scanned copy of passport, 1 application pack which includes an application form, applicant self-scoring sheet, applicant declaration form and all supporting documentation and a full curriculum vitae.  Applications must include all of your supporting documentation together in one single PDF document. 3 references (must be scanned and emailed – can be sent separately)  
  • 1 copy of your full curriculum vitae  
  • A passport size photograph 
  • 1 copy of Transcripts of Medical School Results 
  • 1 copy of Verification of your decile /centile place within graduating class 
  • 1 copy of Verification of other relevant Degree(s) / Diplomas / Professional Examinations 
  • 1 copy of Verification of Publications, Reviews, Case Reports, Book Chapters to include PubMed reference page and copy of front page of published work.  Publications accepted for publication but not published require a letter from the editor confirming acceptance for publication of the piece.  The acceptable letter should reference the author’s position on the paper and title of work.  Work in progress is not accepted.
  • 1 copy of Verification of presentations and research prizes.  
  • Please provide evidence of your eligibility for or currently hold, registration in the General Division/Trainee Specialist Division (Please refer to Eligibility for General or TSD doc on our website)
  • English Language Competency All applicants are required at the time of application to demonstrate their English language competency either by means of submitting the required IELTS/OET Certificate or by declaring themselves exempt under one of the exemptions outlined in the guidance document and providing the required documentary evidence of same (Please refer to guidelines on our website). 
  • All applicants will be required at the time of application to submit a colour scanned copy of their passport and, as appropriate, a colour scanned copy of the current immigration stamp held by the applicant from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service and / or a scanned copy of the applicant’s current Certificate of Registration from the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB card). (See statement by INIS outlining recent changes to immigration arrangements for doctors working in the public hospitals on our website) 

Verification of the above items are required for awarding points for the selection process. Failure to submit these items with your application form will result in you losing out on points you may be entitled to otherwise. Under no circumstances will marks be given after the shortlisting. 

Applications must be submitted in full.  Parts of applications WILL NOT be accepted by any means.  Any such documents received by this method will be discarded. 

Structures Reference Forms 

Original Structured reference forms X 3 (see link on website – can be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. references can be submitted separate to your application) 

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the structured reference forms(x3) are submitted to the Faculty of Radiologists on or before the closing date:  

Shortlisted applicants will be required to bring their official logbook and certificates along to the interview.  Please be aware that all references and verifications documentation will be made available to interview panel. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all documentation is provided at the time of submission.  

Selection Process:  Applicants shortlisted for interview will be notified in writing and any additional information required will be requested at that time. Please ensure accurate and full completion of the application form as scoring will be based solely on this.  Your Curriculum Vitae will only be reviewed at the interview stage.  


Dates for your diary:  

Closing Date:                                                                7th November 2022

Provisional Interview Date:                                           25th/26th January 2023

Queries to: 

Faculty of Radiologists 

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 

123 St. Stephens Green  

Dublin 2  


Queries to:   

 Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Hospital Coordinators 

Details regarding on site and Hospital Coordinator visits will be made available to shortlisted candidates only. 

Tallaght University Hospital (Dr. Ian Murphy)
Beaumont Hospital (Dr. Douglas Mulholland)
Cork University Hospital (Dr. Stephen Power)
Mercy University Hospital (Dr. Marie Staunton)
Galway University Hospital (Dr. James McGarry)
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (Dr Barry Hutchinson)
St. James's Hospital (Dr. Ian Brennan)
St. Vincent’s University Hospital (Dr. Ronan Ryan)
Waterford University Hospital (Dr Ciaran Redmond)
University Hospital Limerick (Dr Gareth Kiernan)
National Training Coordinator (Dr John Walsh)

Should you be successful in obtaining a position on the Faculty of Radiologists Training Programme, you will be required to formally write to both the Faculty and your employing hospital (Human Resources Department or Medical Manpower) within one month of the offer to confirm that you are accepting the training post.  If you have not notified both the Faculty and to your employing hospital (Human Resources Department or Medical Manpower) within the month, the offer will be withdrawn. 

Any attempt to provide misleading or false information to improve your score in shortlisting or interview will result in automatic disqualification.  


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